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Online database are web-based electronic indexes that enable you to locate and retrieve articles, give up-to-date information from scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, statistical databases, specialized sources, and more.

Available Electronic Databases:

  1. EBSCO Academic Search Complete
    An online reference system that offers a variety of proprietary and popular full text database.
  2. Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)
    A database of encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research.
  3. Proquest
    A complete online database package which consist of the following databases: Nursing and allied Health Source, Agriculture, Biology, Computing, Education, Medical, Science, Social Science.
  4. Science Direct
    The world's larget electronic collection of science, technology, and medicine full-text and bibliographic information.
  5. Scopus
    The largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books and conference proceedings.

    URL: Scopus

  6. Emerald eJournal
    A global publisher providing you with the highest quality, peer-reviewed research.
  1. General reference books: Books such as encyclopedias, manuals, directories, etc. are referred to as general reference books. They are placed on open shelves but are for room use only.
  2. Theses and dissertations: Theses and dissertations are placed on closed shelves, are for room use only and cannot be photocopied (in compliance with IPR).
  3. Periodicals: Journals, magazines, and newspapers are referred to as periodicals. These materials are for room use only, but can be borrowed for photocopying. There are ten (10) titles of periodicals in the library.
  4. Circulation books: Other reading materials include the vertical files and reading supplements required or provided for the students by the faculty of UPOU. These materials are for room use only but can be photocopied.
  1. Electronic Databases (Online subscription by UP System with remote access account)
  2. eJournals
  3. eBooks
  4. CD-ROMs