For photocopy of articles or chapters of chapters/portion of books (not more than 10% of the whole books of interest the price is as follows:

Photocopy fee: Php1.00 times the number of pages

Delivery fee:     

  • Pick up at Mega Learning Hub-Diliman => free
  • Pick up at Mega Learning Hub-Cebu and Mega Learning Hub-Davao depends on the courier delivery fee.

Mega Learning Hub coordinators files records of the item borrowed and provide the University Library copy of all the records. He/she acknowledges receipt of payment and stamps the due date on the borrower’s card of the user. Upon return of the borrower’s card of user and collect fines as necessary.


  • The requesting user shoulders the photocopy fee and/or the delivery fee of materials (as necessary) from the University Library to the Mega Learning Hub.
  • The user will be charged a PhP2.00 fine each day that the book is kept beyond the due date.
  • Failure to return the books and payment of fines will mean suspension of their library privileges until they settle their library delinquencies.