The library is subscribed to a plagiarism checker. Turnitin ensures the quality of the submitted requirements of the students, specifically the thesis and dissertation and assignments; and also ensures the quality of the research submitted by UPOU faculty members and staff and those articles submitted in the publications.

Draft Coach

Draft Coach provides the ability to use Turnitin’s similarity tools in Google Docs to help users work towards the final draft of their assignment before submission. It provides instant feedback on citation errors and matches with the comprehensive database just like in Turnitin.

Run a total of three Similarity Reports

Run as many Citation Checks as you like

Academic Integrity

This Guide Book aims to enhance educators’ and program administrators’ approach to upholding academic integrity at their institution to protect student learning outcomes. It also provides a guide to address academic integrity in your classroom and incorporate academic integrity measures in your institution’s strategic plan.

How To Use Draft Coach
Tutorial Video – Students
Tutorial Video – Instructors
Draft Coach PPT